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A singular approach to watchmaking

FUGUE is a French watch brand founded in 2017. Named in reference to the elusive nature of time - the word ‘fugue’ means ‘escape’ in French - it strives to give a strong symbolic and emotional role to the watch by celebrating the beauty of the moment.

Fugue watches are inspired by a vintage aesthetic. The elegance of the lines, the balance of the proportions, and the care taken in the finishes and the use of materials characterize their design.

The development and production of our watches is entrusted to the best Swiss workshops using only the very best components. Each watch is equipped with automatic mechanical movement, a real reference motor for high-end watches.

The backstory

Fugue was born in 2015. Initially a side project, to which founder Leopoldo Celi devoted his free time, motivated by his passion for beautiful watches and his desire to create. During three years, he shaped his product and vision based on his learnings and experience gained working in the luxury goods industry. He then decided to partner with different creative and entrepreneurial profiles sharing the same ideas and having a proven experience in managing luxury brands.

Today Fugue has grown into a business and gathers talents around a common idea of watchmaking, focusing on the passion for the product and the appreciation for craftsmanship.

Creating a unique signature
Discover the designDiscover the design
Making a case for modularity

01 — Design

02 — Modularity

03 — Craftsmanship

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For any question or information related to any of our products, or to simply get in touch with FUGUE, please contact our teams.


+33 (0)1 84 60 20 93

Monday through Friday, from 10am to 6.30pm

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